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Bryan Ockert, Dalton xvideo kimetsu no yaiba

Ms Puiyi Nude BONUS – Dalton: Serviced reMASTER reEDIT, Scene #01 xvideo kimetsu no yaiba

Welcome to the next scene in our ‘reMASTER’ BONUS series, where we’ll be taking early fan-favorite videos and remastering them in 4k!

This video is a little special. You see, Dalton had a bit of an ‘early misfire’ in this video, obviously because Bryan is an expert cocksucker!

Back in the day, Bryan decided to try and salvage the scene by having Dalton take a couple hour break, then come back for a second try, which Bryan spliced together. That video turned out fine, albeit with a slightly underwhelming second cumshot, but Bryan went ahead and included the ‘misfire’ as a behind-the-scenes outtake at the end of the video.

Well, as your devoted editor, I decided we could do a little better with this BONUS release!

In addition to remastering this scene in 4K, I went back and re-edited the scene to be continuous, allowing you to see Dalton’s surprise early nut in all its glory. Sure, the video ends up being just over 3 minutes long, but you get a chance to see Bryan literally sucking the load right out of this poor, unsuspecting straight guy in under 3 minutes (which happened a lot more frequently than you’ve been lead to believe, thanks to years of creative editing and movie magic)!

We generally try to deliver you longer videos than this, and if you’d like a longer video, feel free to search our archives for the original version of Dalton’s Serviced scene, which includes some ass-eating (see original description below). But, if you’re curious to see how things REALLY went down, sit back, relax, and enjoy this reEDIT, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

‘Bryan & Dalton Serviced’ was originally released on April 4, 2008, in early HD.

Original Video Description (Remember, this description is for the ORIGINAL edit of this scene, which you can still find in our archives):

‘Daaaaaaaang Dalton is cute! He is just one of the nicest, level-headed guys too. AND CUTE!

Dalton said he would be up for an oral video, but thought that would be his limit. He does pretty dang good, and I’m hoping that he will come back for more. But as of this writing, he hit his limit, so this might be it for him.

This is a Serviced video and you have to watch the whole thing. By whole thing, I mean even the stuff beyond the end credits. You will see just how good he is (or I am!)

The highlight for me was flipping him over and eating his ass, something he never had done, which left him a bit speechless afterwards. I could see the machinery and cogs churning in his mind with all kinds of ideas to try with a girlfriend.’

Anyway, enjoy this 2-4-2sday!

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