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Spencer Bradley, Andi Rose videos hots de mujeres

Ms Puiyi Nude Word Of Mouth Special, Scene #01 videos hots de mujeres

Spencer Bradley arrives at a wellness center where she has an appointment with a masseuse, Andi Rose. Spencer hints that she’s interested in the ‘Word of Mouth Special’, and Andi says that she’s happy to give Spencer special attention in any area where she’s tense.

After Spencer disrobes and lies down on the massage table, Andi starts to give her a massage that focuses on her lower back, buttocks, and thighs, since that’s where Spencer seems to be the most tense. Spencer hints that she was hoping for a special that goes a bit… deeper than that.

Andi says she has something that will help, and takes out a bolster. She uses the bolster to raise up Spencer’s posterior and then goes back to massaging her, giving Spencer’s ass plenty of attention. Spencer hints again about the special, trying to check if Andi knows what she’s referring to. Andi finally stops dragging out the suspense and playfully kisses Spencer’s butt cheek, then begins eating out her pussy. It’s time for the best part of the massage to begin…

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