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Cory Chase, Nikki Brooks, Luke Longly videos de mujeres con mujeres

Ms Puiyi Nude Nikki Brooks in Free Use Step Mom – Multi-Milfverse – Vol 4: Lt Brooks, Scene #01 videos de mujeres con mujeres

Step Mom is a Pervert-

Lieutenant Nikki Brooks is driving down the highway, when a portal appears in the road. Cory Chase walks through the portal and she hops into the back of Lt Brooks’ police car. Cory tells Nikki that in this universe, she needs to go after her former step-son Luke Longly, before I fuck her first. Cory tells Nikki that she has to roleplay as a cop and have sex with me in order to prevent me becoming the President of her world. Nikki walks over to my bedroom and she offers to have some cop roleplay in the bedroom with me. I am confused, but I can’t help but give in to her seduction! She pulls her shirt up and she exposes her huge tits to me. Then she gets down on her knees and she pulls my hard cock out from under my shorts. She starts to give me a blowjob while continuing the roleplay. She then gets in the doggystyle position in front of me and she shakes her ass and pussy in front of my face. Then she lies down on her back and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. Nikki asks me where I want to cum today, and I tell her that I want to cum inside of my pussy! I am not ready to cum just yet though, so I have Nikki hop on top of me and ride my cock in the cowgirl position. When she is on top of me, I explode deep inside of her MILF pussy!

Stuck Looking For my Belt-

Nikki walks into a room that has two bunk beds on top of each other. Nikki is looking for her belt, and she sticks her body through the ladder that is connected to the bunk beds. She gets her body stuck in the middle of the ladder, and she starts to call out my name so I can come help her! I walk in, get behind her, and I start to pull at her hips. I decided to shove my cock inside of her pussy, to try and get a suction grip and pull her out! I end up getting her hands unstuck, and then she sits down in the missionary position for me to continue fucking her! I ended up cumming inside of her pussy, right before she realized that she was about to be late for work. She jumps up and she runs out the door…

Out of the Shower and in to My Step Mom’s Bed-

My step-mom, Nikki, hops out of the shower this morning; She throws a bathrobe on, and then she walks out to the kitchen and grabs a cup of coffee. We walk over to her bed and I sit down as she starts to pull my hard cock out from under my shorts. She jerks my cock for a minute before she hops on top of me and rides my cock in the cowgirl position. I love watching her big tits bounce up and down as she rides me! I fuck her pussy in the missionary position next, followed by doggystyle. When I am ready to cum, I cum deep inside of her pussy again! Although Nikki was just in the shower 10 minutes ago, she now has to jump back in the shower to wash my cum out of her!

Kitchen Sex-

Nikki begins to roleplay with me again, and I just know that she is hoping that she will go back to the other universe after we have sex! She sits down on the kitchen chair and she spreads her legs wide in front of me. I shove my hard cock deep inside of her pussy and she starts to moan as I thrust inside of her! We move over to the black couch in the living room, and she gets into the doggystyle position first. After a few minutes, she flips back into the missionary position. I slowly fuck her pussy, until she gets down on her knees and puts my cock inside of her mouth. She tells me to roleplay by saying that we are going to miss each other… and then I cum all over her face! After we are done, Cory comes and takes Nikki with her towards the next portal. The two MILF’s walk into the portal, and together they go home!

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