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ms puiyi nude

Jake Waters, Alpha Wolfe ver las mujeres desnudas

Ms Puiyi Nude Alpha Wolfe & Jake Waters: Serviced Ghole, Scene #01 ver las mujeres desnudas

Alpha Wolfe enters the gloryhole chamber, looking for some action. With a ChaosMen CUMpilation playing on the TV, Alpha makes himself more comfortable. He glances around the room at the four open holes as he begins to work his dick through his slacks.

Little does he know, but Jake Waters is lurking on the other side, looking to get his dick sucked. Jake puts his hard cock through the hole, and Alpha immediately crawls across the room, taking Jake’s cock into his mouth.

Alpha hungrily works Jake’s cock, pausing occasionally to quench his thirst with some water. Alpha lowers his slacks so that he can play with himself while the throats some anonymous cock.

As Jake approaches climax, Alpha moves in to take Jake’s load all over his beard before leaning back to stroke out a load of his own.

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