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Naomi Foxxx, Juan Loco página pirno

Ms Puiyi Nude My 1st Black Pussy Fixation, Scene #01 página pirno

Juan Loco… what’s going on? Your dad is super concerned! Not only has your 2nd semester grades been slipping but frankly you have been acting very odd around the house lately.

It’s nothing, I don’t want to talk about it with you.

Look… I (Naomi Foxxx) know I’m not your real mom, but you got to trust in me… let me try to help.

But you are the problem… I have a crush on you! Please don’t tell me dad, I don’t want to hurt him.

It’s ok Juan… your secret is safe with me.

There is one more thing… I’ve never been with a black woman, and now you are all I can think about! It’s affecting everthing… work, school, my social life… I just can’t stop thinking about what it would be like.

I understand Juan and thank you for sharing your feelings with me, but now I’m going to ask you to really trust me… can you do that?

Watch as my hot busty black stepmom allows me to taste her ebony fruits, sucking and fucking my hungry meat until she squirts her pussy juices all over me multiple times. This gets me so rock hard that I couldn’t contain myself any longer, and without giving her proper warning… I accidentally explode my love juice deep inside her spread open pussy. As my fertile cum starts to seep back out of her, she quickly realizes we have gone too far as she now needs to take preventative action so to NOT carry her stepson’s baby.

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