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Korra Del Rio, Erica Cherry mu jeres des nudas

Ms Puiyi Nude OnlyTrans #02 – Erica Cherry & Korra Del Rio mu jeres des nudas

Erica Cherry and Korra Del Rio return to Erica’s place after a date. They met through a dating site, and they agree that things seem to be going well. It’s clear that sparks are beginning to fly, and Erica and Korra are interested in having sex now.

Korra says she just wants to use the washroom to freshen up first. After Erica directs Korra to the washroom, Erica hurries off to slip into something sexier. It seems that great minds think alike, because a short time later, Korra steps out of the washroom wearing only lingerie, right as Erica starts to come down the stairs in lingerie.

Turned on by the sight of each other, the two women kiss, then go to the couch so they can explore each other’s bodies and enjoy their blossoming relationship.

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